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Newsletter " The  Tide"(2006)
(Breaking News Like The Breaking Waves!)
My School, Facon Pass Elementary School is an Exemplery School of  CCISD.  It is among the TOP 10 Schools in the district.  It is the only school that has the Dr. RenzuelieIt Pilot Program available to all the students with different funfilled clusters.  We had a successful year with this program and towards the end of the school year had the Show Case day!  Everyone came to watch what we learnt through this very unique and one of a kind, very interesting way of learning!
Our School is electronically monitored not just the school premises but also the school buses.  Thus making this place safer for us to work with our  full concentration.  Here at FPE we the students give our 100%.  No wonder, although just 5 years old, our school is on the road to a very bright future and is getting ready to set an example for the rest of the schools, to follow!  Here we all, i.e the students, our principal, teachers, staff and the parents are striving hard for a better education for all of us.  
Our Princial Mr. Stevens has earned his Doctorate degree.  Now he is Dr. Stevens.  He takes great interest in not only our education but also in our accomplishments.  He always motivates us.  He is very jolly.  He invited 7 students from the entire school to have lunch with the Superintendant of Schools, Dr. Sandra Mossman.  I was among the lucky ones.  He always announces Students accomplishments early in the morning at the time of announcements.  He has been offered a very good opportunity at the CCISD office as the Director of Technology.  Now that he has decided to take up this new post we will really miss him at our school.  But in a way he will still be with us at the CCISD main office,  hmmmmm...keeping an eye on us from there...
At FPE we have our own publishing company " The Voyager Press", Student Safety Patrol, Environmental Commitee, Lego League, and  4th grade student's News-letter started by Miss Hartman's class.   
Our fourth grade has a bunch of very good readers, leaders, as well as thinkers.  Miss Hartman, our home-room teacher,  challenges us in Math and Science.  Ask any of my collegues and you will get the same answer, " She is fun to be around and yet she is 'The Boss'! "  
Miss Raines on the other hand is our switch teacher for Language.  She makes us work alot at school but one thing best about her is that she never gives us home-work just like Miss Hartman.  Therefore sometimes we end up missing our Recess, which is ofcourse not at all fun !    But she is a great teaher  and we all love her!        

Line Art Newspaper

August 2006

An interview with Rama Bushra Imad as published in the Promise Magazine of M.D. Anderson by Ms. Susan Riddell in August 2006.


Debbie Ballard welcomes Rama and her mother Sheema for a personal tour at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.






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Thanks to Debbie Ballard for telling us about Rama Bushra Imad. She's a

talented nine-year-old who wants to cure cancer. Somehow you don't


that she'll be in the news with a research breakthrough someday. 


forward this message to friends who would enjoy reading her story.




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Nine-year-old Rama, already a prize-winning author and artist, is aiming high. She plans to be a biomedical scientist working towards the cure for cancer. Read about Rama's journey to a new life in the United States and her determination to help advance cancer research right now.
Full story

The McCombs Institute is a new research collaboration that is already translating discoveries into treatment--rapidly and safely. Learn how you can support the search for better treatment and prevention in a new way.

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Table of Contents

1   Interview with Rama Bushra Imad as
    published in the M.D. Anderson's Magazine
    "Promise" August 2006 issue by Mrs. Susan     Riddell.
2   Fourth Grade News-Letter by Miss Hartman's
3   Some tit-bits about my school.
4   My fund raising Brochure 

Miss Jill Hartman's 4th Grade's Class News

Our Class Projects for the year 2006-2007.

  • Power point presentation               
  • a) Weather-Science      
  • b) Making graphs for Math Explorer
  • Science lab on Pumpkins 
  • Studying Owl Pellets for Science.
  • Listening to Weather Presentation by Channel 13 weather-man.
  • Memory bag presentation
  • Fractured Fairy Tales.
  • 4th grade students monthly News-letter
  • Earth Science 2006 Contest
  • Researching on Animals in Science
  • Researching on Native Americans in Social Studies  
  • Bench marks 
  • Science Fair Projects. 
  • Won in CCISD Nutrition Contest
  • Got selected for Art's Alliance for Rodeo.
  • Science lab on Soil Erosion and weathering
  • TAKS
  • Science Lab on Chemical Reactions
  • Our class won in the ARP Contest from the entire school
  • Won in Texas Governor's Health and fitness  Contest
  • Invited to have lunch with the Schools'Superintendant Dr. Sandra Mossan, by our principal Dr. Stevens.
  • Observed Cancer awareness week in the month of May
  • Went to Moody Gardens on a field trip
  • Show case of our cluster activity
  • Fun Run Day in connection with the Governor's fitness program
  • Celebrated our school's 5 year birthday
  •  ARP lock-in party with Mr. Stevens and Mrs. Lankford.
  • Mrs. Meyers atteded the last choir for this school year and played the piano for our school spirit song.
  • Every one is sad about Dr. Steven's leaving the school
  • We all are sad for leaving Mrs. Rains and Miss Hartman.  In a year's time we have grown to love them both so much.
  • Everyone aced the TAKS and are excited to start 5th grade.
  • We all made good friends and wish that we all are again in the same class.
  • Awards day with Dr. Stevens
  • Class Party to say goodbyes to friends and teachers and exchanging gifts
  • See you all next year!  Stay safe!