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Dream World of A Dream Girl

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Welcome to our Dream Site!!!!!

We all have important values and ideas, things we care about, and want to share. Sometimes we feel our ideas can even change the world, and we want to let other people know how they can help in making this change possible and offer a better life for others and this is the motivation behind my website DREAM WORLD of a DREAM GIRL.

This site represents our dreams and ideas to the world. It conveys our message and information about us as well as the cause and message that keeps us on the go.  Through this site, find out how we work and why.


Rama Bushra Imad, an author, an artist, a friend,and a student at Falcon Pass Elementary School studying in 5th grade, Mrs. Ogden's Class.


Governor of Tx Mr. Rick Perry,and Commissioner of
Governor Mr. Rick Perry with Rama. jpg
Education for Tx. Ms. Shirley J. Neeley with Rama Imad

Getting to meet Mr. Governor (of Texas) and the First Lady , having a photograph taken with them, and then some day having that photograph published on the Home page of my webiste was just a dream for me.  But being a dreamer I always knew that it is O.K. to dream because dreams do come true, and miracles do happen because with GOD nothing is impossible.  Meeitng them in person was a dream come true for me!
Like wise I dream of seeing Cancer Vaccines available for every kind of Cancer some day and GOD has given us the wisedom to realize this dream one day!

Mission Statement

1) To eradicate cancer by joining hands with M.D. Anderson in making cancer a history.

2) Working towards making the Falcon Pass Elementary School, the BEST, under our new principal Mr. Craig Weaver!

Each year, I make creative crafts and then sell it among my friends at Falcon Pass School, neighbors,and relatives to raise funds (in the memory of my father who died of Brain Cancer in 2005)for on-going Research Programs against cancer at M.D. Anderson inorder to bring an end to this deadly disease. 
Payments can only be made through CHECKS in the name of M.D. Anderson.  That way donors can get TAX DEDUCTIONS!
This year for my fundraiser, after a lot of convincing, I was able to make my mom agree to Sketch Portraits of the all the donors who will be helping in the cause.  Inspite of her busy schedule she was kind enough to agree to do 10 sketches only!  Thank you mom! 
I know one day she will be filled with joy like you and me when someone with cancer will have hope!  A hope that my father never had! 
Therefore, keep your ears open so that you don't miss out on this one time opportunity because crafts made once are never repeated again.  Each year has a new theme and a new craft to go with it.
This Years Theme is "Faces of Friends (Donors)"

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.