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Dream World of A Dream Girl

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My Life At WAVE

Sixth Grade started out very differently.  A new school, new people, a whole new schedule and routine.  The transition from Fifth to Sixth Grade was a difficult yet memorable one.  With events such as Hurricane Ike and the 2008 Presidential Elections, I was given the opportunity to take my time, ease in to the new environment, and get to know my fellow peers and teachers. 

Just as I was settling in, I contracted Viral Meningitis and was admitted to Texas Children's Hospital for over a week.  Being isolated and kept away from everyone was very hard on me.  With the support of my MOM, friends, librarians at Harris County Freeman Library; all of whom who prayed for me and sent me cards to brighten my days; and the wonderful doctors, nurses, and volunteers at Texas Children's Hospital; who took such good care of me and brought me books to read from the Pi Beta Phi Library; I had a full recovery.  I'm so fortunate to have had all these great people by my side.

This experience in my 6th grade year had changed me for the better and I had come to fully appreciate all the joy and happiness life really brings.  A miracle was all it took, and I saw my life with a new vision, a different perspecitve.  With all the amazing wonders I had experienced in the short amount of time, I wanted others to be filled with the same joy, hope, and courage that has overtaken me time and time again.  I wanted to give back to my community. 

Projects Inside of School:
  • In 2008, I joined the Westbrook Chess Club and won 1st Place in the 1st Chess Tournament that I went to.  Ever since, I have been winning in numerous local, regional, scholastic, and state chess tournaments.
  • Starting Middle School, I joined the Westbrook Orchestra and played Viola.  I have been 1st chair Viola and have participated in Solo and Ensemble Contest (where I won 1st) and UIL Orchestra (Westbrook Orchestra won 1st). 
  • In 2010, I participated in Science Fair and won 2nd Place in Behavioral Science at my school and 4th Place in the CCISD District.  In 2011, once again, I participated in the Science Fair and won 2nd Place in Behavioral Science at my school and 2nd Place in the CCISD District. 
  • Being the Team Captain of the Westbrook Intermediate Team, I led our team to victory!  We won 1st Place in the entire CCISD District, got the trophy, and had our names put on a plaque which sits in the CCISD Main Office.
  • By Participating in the DUKE TIP Talent Search, I was identified as a State Recognized Scholar and recognized at the State Recognition Ceremony at Lamar University. 
  • I was selected to be on the Westbrook Future Problem Solving Team.  Our team won at the city-level competition and qualified for State!  In Dallas, at the state competition, our team won 1st place in th Presentation of Action Plan!
  • I took part in the National Harper Teens Story Writing Contest posted on the website.  Out of all the participants, I placed as a finalist!
  • I applied to Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Residential Camp at Texas A&M University.  I was one of the 50 people selected to attend the week-long camp.  It was a great experience and I even got a stipend at the end of the camp!
  • I got accepted into Clear Horizons Early College (CHECHS) Program!

Mini-Courses and Clubs I'm Involved In:

  • Future Problem Solving (Genetics and Engineering) Minicourse
  • Advanced Chess
  • Advanced Photoshop
  • Yoga
  • Numb3rs (Solving Crimes with Math)
  • Game Board Design
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Creative Writing
  • Westbrook Orchestra
  • Westbrook Chess Club and Team
  • Westbrook Eco-Club
  • Westbrook Reading Rumble Team
  • Westbrook Future Problem Solving Team
Projects and Happenings Outside of School:
  • I started learning how to play Tennis.  I'm working on becoming a Tennis pro!
  • As a Junior, I earned my Bronze Award by making craft bags and delivering them to Texas Children's Hospital!  As a Cadette, I am working towards my Silver Award by  having donated 300 Books to the Texas Children's Pi Beta Phi Library.
  • I love giving back to my community, so I have volunteer over the summer (2008-2011) at the Harris County Clear Lake Freeman Branch Library.  I have registered children for the summer reading program, helped make various crafts, and given aid in many children's programs.
  • I volunteer in the NASA Robotics Programming Children's Camp (Summer 2010, 2011) which is held at the Harris County Clear Lake Freeman Branch Library.
  • I have tutored children of different ages in the subjects of Math, English, and Science.  With this experience, I have learned teaching and communication skillls.
  • In my spare time, I also baby-sit for people in my community.  It has taught me to be responsible and efficient in my work. 

Extra-Curricular Activities Outside School:

  • Girl Scouts (Troop 7130)
  • Piano (Music Scholarship)
  • Tennis
  • Computer Programming
  • Chess (Chris Land)

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